Rob West(Chairman) – External MemberCompliance Committee

Robert has substantial experience in property development and has been involved in trust management, property management, valuations, joint venture negotiations, sale, purchase and leasing of property during his extensive career. Rob has experience dealing in properties in in Australia, Japan, Singapore, Germany, United States and Philippines. Rob has held senior managerial positions with National Mutual Life Assoc, Industrial Equity, Jennings Industries and Obayashi Corporation of Japan. Recently he has held board positions with entities listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and the Singapore Securities Exchange.

Mr Rob West is a Fellow of the Australia Property Institute; a Senior Associate of the Financial Institution of Australasia; a Licensed Valuer (without limitation); has a Diploma in Valuation; is a Justice of the Peace and to add to his multi-talents is a Licensed Pilot.

Mr West has been a responsible manager with FundHost Pty Ltd and Record Funds Management Limited (RFML) which managed A$1.8 billion listed (ASX) property trust with assets in Australia, USA and Germany.