Rami Al Sharawneh – DirectorDirectors, Investment Committee

Rami Al Sharawneh – Founder & Chief Executive Officer and director of the Quordoba Group. As a member of the Investment Committee, Rami’s role will include the analysis of scheme investments. Rami will oversee all the areas of Quordoba including Strategy, Marketing, Operations, the Investment Committee and Compliance Committee.

Rami has completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy (2005) from the University of Sydney, NSW. Rami is a registered pharmacist and has owned (both wholly and jointly), operated and worked in a number of pharmacies across Sydney. Rami has over 10 years’ experience in overseeing and running various multi-million turnover businesses.

Rami is a co-founder of Quordoba Pty Ltd, a company which has successfully developed a number of residential construction sites in the past 2 years.

Rami has strong business acumen and expertise in establishing and building start-up businesses as well as property developments. Rami has strong experience in financial analysis and managing business performance, HR, leadership and management.

Rami’s other experience includes:

  • project management;
  • tenders, assessing financials;
  • acquisition and turnaround of existing and/or poor performing businesses; and
  • establishment of new businesses.
Founder, Director & CEO
Bachelor of Pharmacy (2005) from the University of Sydney