9 July 2014

Sydney, Bankstown, Wednesday 9 July 2014 – Quordoba Investment Management Ltd, one of Australia’s newest Residential Property Investment Fund Manager is proud to launch The Quordoba Residential Property Trust, Australia’s first wholesale and retail Shariah Compliant managed investment scheme which specialises in direct residential property development.

Quordoba Investment Management Ltd trading as Quordoba Investments (QI) was established to take advantage of Australia’s insatiable appetite for bricks and mortar. It also joins the global growing demand for Islamic Asset Management. Australia has a growing population and a strong economy and QI is well positioned to develop and sell properties that are located in metropolitan areas within close proximity of major city centres, in particular New South Wales.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Quordoba Group Mr Rami Al-Sharawneh says “on behalf of the board of directors and the management team, we are proud to launch this unique product offering which will be Shariah compliant or halal. The Quordoba Residential Property Trust will use equity raised from investors to fund the development of properties; it will avoid conventional debt and will purify any rental income potentially received from non-Shariah compliant tenants whilst council plans are being drawn up to redevelop the site.”

Quordoba Investments has an experienced team of professionals who have vast experience in wealth management, property, compliance and growing businesses. Further, Mr Al-Sharawneh says “we are delighted to have on our team Mr John Adamson former general manager of Thakral Holdings Limited and Mr Robert West who has extensive experience in property trust management in Australia and abroad to be joining us in various capacities.”

Investors can invest in the Quordoba Residential Property Trust (Australian Registered Scheme Number 168 645 207), the first of a number of planned Managed Investment Schemes which is aimed at individuals, self-managed superfunds, partnerships, company’s, trusts, associations and cooperatives from as little as $10,000. Its constitution allows its investments to be Shariah compliant giving investors that peace of mind that all transactons will be ethical. The Product Disclosure Statement is issued 2 July 2014 and is available from our website on or by calling our Investor Services team on 1300 66 47 46.

About Quordoba Investments: Quordoba Investment Management Limited (trading as Quordoba Investments) was formed in 2013 and is an unlisted public company holding an Australian Financial Services Licence No. 447927 from the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) to issue, deal and promote a wide range direct property and financial products. Quordoba Investments is a professional Investment Funds Manager specialising in creating wealth for investors, currently only, through property development. Other Managed Investment Schemes are planned for the future.

This press release is for general information only and investors are advised to read the Product Disclosure Statement fully or to consult a financial advisor before deciding to invest. Further enquiries can be directed to Mr Chaaban Omran Chief Operating Officer on 0421055057.

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