Core components of the Fund’s investment strategy

The Trust is most likely to hold properties in NSW with an option to expand into other states. The Trust may be unable to invest in those state unless the Trust satisfies certain stamp duty legislation requirements.


The core components of the Funds investment strategy are (in conjunction with above diagram)

  1. Locate quality properties using a number of real estate agents and land developers <Locate>
  2. Develop a business case for the acquisition of a desired property <Analyse>
  3. Present the business case to the Investment Committee for consideration – at times there may be multiple business cases for the investment committee in which the Investment Committee will need to prioritise using their judgement and experience <Analyse>
  4. The Investment Committee will provide a recommendation to the Board of Qurodoba Investments who will assess the recommendations. The board will then provide the required approvals and will move into the next phase to make the acquisition. Once approved by the board, it will acquire the property. If unsuccessful then the board may consider other projects or just wait until new opportunities are presented by the Investment Committee <Acquire>
  5. Once acquired, the management team will appoint a project manager; from then all agreements with architects, builders & developers will be drawn up <Design/Build>
  6. Progress will be reported to the Investment Committee on a regular basis although the project manager will be in constant communication with the management team on a daily basis <Design/Build>
  7. Nearing completion a real estate agent will be appointed for the sale of the property during which time new properties will be researched for presentation to the Investment Committee <Sell>