Quordoba Investment Management Limited (trading as Quordoba Investments) has assembled a strong team to acquire, develop, construct and sell properties on the back of a strong economy driven by strong population growth both natural and immigration, as well as land becoming ever so scarce in metropolitan areas.

Quordoba Investments is an ethical fund manager whose ethos is to create socially responsible and sustainable change for the community.

Quordoba Investments is a specialist residential property developer focused on properties in NSW. QI finds quality well priced low to medium density housing sites and develops them for construction and immediate sales. Investors can invest in bricks and mortar and be part of helping many Australians achieve their Australian dream of home ownership. 

To manage a residential development property portfolio without financial leveraging risk

Whilst many investors hold investments in traditional asset classes such as bonds and shares, by incorporating residential property into your portfolio, you could reduce your overall risk. Returns on property historically have a low correlation to equity-type investments.

And historically, property has returned attractive yields with relatively low volatility.

Quordoba Investments will invest predominantly in established areas that are within close proximity of the central business district or within new development areas that have new infrastructure making them very attractive to live in. Since the Fund will develop and sell the properties, rental yields are not considered within the anticipated returns for the Fund.

With the right experienced builders and developers a project can be built within budget and time constraints. Managing such stakeholders can minimise the risk of scope creep and in turn costs blow-out. Accordingly an investment in direct residential property can be rewarding

  1. Give our investors the best ROI possible in a safe market.
  2. Maintain high quality level in all projects, all times.
  3. Maintain strong customer satisfaction.
  4. Maintain positive reputation.
  5. Maintain strong area presence.